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Not only is is loved by fans and fitness enthusiasts across the globe, it is relied upon as a transformative tool for healthy living. Health and fitness is only becoming more important as people everywhere are living smarter. wanted to continue their dominance and stay at the forefront of change by maximizing this passion.


We knew exactly what to do -- granted, we're longtime fans and customers ourselves. In a growing industry, and a space only getting more crowded, the solution had to be personal and authentic. With that goal in mind, an exclusive campus ambassador program was born. And because the brand is unique, it's not your average program. Through a rigorous recruiting and training schedules, these ambassadors are designed to change lives, just like itself. 


In a short time, the team has amassed millions of impressions, sampled tens of thousands of products, and turned fans of fitness, into believers. We can't wait to see what happens next.


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